10% December Casper Discount Code

We won’t bother you with long stories, you just need to know that for December 2018 there is only one deal for 10% OFF (Old one was $75 off) on all types of mattresses from the Casper company. And any other deals that you’ll find on the web at best will not reduce your price. Be careful!

PLEASE READ! Our coupon below automatically reduces the price by 10% in your cart. Do not enter any additional coupon codes.

Casper coupon

** Below is the information about the old discount, we will update it soon. The best offer for today is a 10% discount.

How does it work?

To get the discount, no additional action is required. Click on the coupon above or on any coupon at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to the official Casper website. In the new window you will see an alert saying that your price automatically reduced and code already applied at checkout. It looks like this:

2018 Casper $75 Coupon Code

Close this pop-up window, put your mattress to cart and add any additional product. For example, if you add Standart Casper pillow as additional product you will get if for free and an additional discount of $20 on your mattress. Sounds great, isn’t it?

It will look something like this:

Casper add to cart

So you don’t need to spend $145 more, because you already have the maximum possible discount in percentages.

We hope this information helped you and saved not only money but also a bit time for sleep on a new mattress.

Below we have created several promo codes. Actually they are all the same, the same code works for all mattress sizes. So if you do not see the desired size, just click on any one and then during checkout choose what you need. It’s made just for your convenience.

Casper.com$75 OFF
US Company
Casper Full
Casper.com$75 OFF
US Company
Casper Twin
Casper.com$75 OFF
US Company
Casper Queen

Some customers about using coupons

  • Whatever you do do not buy through Amazon. Casper will not honor trial period or warranty if you purchase through it. Moreover on the official website you can get some bucks off!
  • For the price and how well I slept on my queen-sized mattress – this deal cannot be beat! Thank you – money saved!
  • Would pay double rather than lose this. Two months later the bed holds fine. No signs of dips or soft spots. Definitely get a spill cover. Don’t be stupid use the discount code.
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